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Salt Lake City, UT

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Q. Why should I choose Airport Express Shuttle and Transport Utah?
A. Value:
Consider the cost of a taxi ride or airport parking. When you ride with Airport Express Shuttle Services you are with Utah’s leader in affordability & service for ground transportation.

Q. Why should I book a ride?
Taking the lead in the airport ground transportation industry, Airport Express Shuttle has brought “Private Transport” at the price of the shared ride. With an unparalleled on-time record, we proudly offer door-to-door service from your home, office, school, hotel or wherever you may be. You will not find multiple stops on any of our trips, and our drivers know the best routes in and around the city, so you won’t waste time sitting in traffic.

Q. How can I reserve a ride for my next trip?
Too much to do? Never enough hours in the day? Airport Express Shuttle offers the convenience of a 24-hour reservation center. Just call 1-801-231-9111 and let us help you, or if you prefer, book online at

Q. Where do I catch my ride at the airport?
A. Just Outside Baggage Claim
Our professional drivers will be ready to take you from door to door.

Q. What are our hours of operation?
A. 24/7
Our service is available 7 days a week.

Q. What is our service area?
A. Where you need us.
Servicing all of Utah

Q. What if my flight arrives late?
We monitor incoming flights through our Dispatch system, so whether you arrive early or late, we know the moment you’re on the ground.
Our private van will be awaiting your arrival and will be ready to go the minute you reach the baggage area.

Q. What if I am traveling with a child?
We are a child friendly company. We understand it can be difficult traveling with one or more children. Due to the various makes and requirments of child seat laws, and for you child’s safety we do not provide car seats and recommend you provide your own.

Q. When do I pay for my trip, and what forms of payment do you accept?
All major credit cards are accepted and can be taken at the time you book your reservation. Currently we only accept PayPal or American Express Online. All other cards we will call you directly to accept them over the phone. For corporate accounts we offer the convenience of our Direct Bill Program.

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